Cosmetics and Skincare
Julimac Product Line Dots

Julimac 1 - Medical Grade Skincare by: Dr. Richard James, FACS Skincare Specialists, Dermatologic Surgeon, Endorsing Julimac Products, Includes: Cleanse, Exfoliates, Serums, C-Stem, Advanced Retinol, Toners, Ultra Benefits, Anti-Aging, Sun Protection, Skincare Treatment (Acne), Peptides

Julimac 2 - French Line Cosmetics • 100% Pure Mineral Line / Colour Line
Includes: Brow Stencil Kit / Skincare Line • 100% Botanical Includes: Japanese Green Tea, Jojoba Oil, Aloe Vera, Anti Oxidants, Grape Seed Extract, Avocado Oil, Cucumber Extract, Almond Oil, Chamomile Extract, Shea Butter

Julimac 3 - New York Cosmetics • Mineral/Skincare (Men and Women) by: Julimac
Minerals Includes: Foundations, Eyes, Cheeks...  Skincare Includes: Peptides, Vitamin C, Hydrating and Enzymes

Julimac 4 - Paris Line • Kate Di’s Kits• Fashion and Glamour Makeup Kits with Moisturizer,
Also for: Bridal, Television, Photography and Everyday Salon Setting (kits are colour pefected for skin tones)

Julimac 5 - French Line • High-Definition by: Alexi

Julimac 6 - Sea Salts by: Julimac Includes: Sea Salt Scrub/Coconut Oil, Body Buttercream, Cellulite Reducer,Face Cream, Sea Salt Bath Soak

Julimac 7 - Germany Line by Julimac • Black & Brown Eye Pencils

Julimac 8 - Paris Line • Kara On-The-Go by: Julimac with Moisturizer

Julimac 9 - Colour Collection by: Allmise • Lip Colours, Lipgloss, Lip Pencils

Julimac 10 - Spa Refresh, Renew, Replenish and Rejuvenate

Julimac 11 - Baby Products by: Julimac • Moisturizers, Lotions, Fruit Soaps, and Bubble Bath

Julimac 12 - Men’s Products by: Julimac

Julimac 13 - Perfumes by: Julimac

Julimac 14 - Colognes by: Julimac

Julimac 15 - Julimac Collectors Dolls of Female Models • Look A Like Dolls

Julimac 16 - Pocket Juli’s Dolls for ages 3 to 12

Julimac 17 - Wrappies Designed by: Julimac (Frenchies)

Julimac 18 - Fashion Designs by: Julimac

Julimac 19 - Jewelry, Handbags and Scarfs by: Julimac

Julimac 20 - Makeup Brushes by: Julimac

Julimac 21 - Julimac Magazine

Julimac 22 - Diane Howard Women’s Designs

Julimac 23 - Full Figure Fashions by: Joyce Gropper

Julimac 24 - Athletic Ware by: Alexi